Learning and Education in Business

According to Forbes Magazine, quoting the Corporate Learning Factbook 2014 from “Bersin by Deloitte”, companies in the United States spent over 70 billion dollars on training and development in 2013.  Companies worldwide spent over $130 billion in the same year!  Obviously this is a large sum of money, and as the worldwide job market continues to improve from the financial crisis of 2009, there seems to be an increasing emphasis on training and development.  As the unemployment rate in the US slowly decreases and people continue to find jobs, companies are needing to move existing employees around and train new incoming employees.  So the question is… where does all that money go?

Depending on which company and process you’re talking about, companies could spend one day, one hour, or one month training on any given process.  Training a new employee could cost anywhere between a few hundred dollars for an external training class to a few thousand dollars for an in-house multi-week training course.  Companies are learning that it takes a good foundation of learning in order to improve accuracy, productivity, and efficiency.  When most companies have a specific budget for training and development for any given project, it seems that they are gradually increasing in value over the last couple of years.  It is not only a necessity for the success of the organization, but can also prevent major issues in compliance, accuracy, customer satisfaction, and security.

Through this blog, I will provide tools to help your training be more successful.  We will look at education in business as well as pulling in elements of personal lives and how these skills can help you be a better learner.  We will answer questions such as: “How can I use digital tools to improve my class?”, “How can I make trainings with larger audiences easier?”, and other questions like “What do I do if I have a disruptive trainee in my class?” and “How do I help managers buy-in to the training for their employees?”  We will explore topics such as training on processes, training on professionalism and customer service, as well as education in other aspects of life outside of business.

Please join me for this journey and let’s explore making training and education work for you!


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